Beyond the day job, our founder Sathya has built a community we are proud of.  My Skin My Story celebrates women of colour and helps them be successful on their own terms.

Beyond being a business owner, Sathya is the founder of the My Skin My Story community. Her lived experience as a women of colour has been a driving force in creating her mission to push forward diversity, equity and inclusion for all.  

My Skin My Story is one of her passion projects, where she volunteers her time and platform to uplift women of colour as she knows from first hand experience this is a community not often championed or given the spotlight.

Our Values

What We Are. What We Are Not.

We are a grass roots movement, not a network.

We care about legacy and impact, not ‘what’s in it for me?’

We welcome all who identify as women of colour, not just ‘professionals’.

We are not ‘corporate’, we are real, personal, intimate, imperfect.

We are ‘can do’ and about solutions, not revelling in the struggle.

We love our differences, we do not assume we have the same story.

The Change We Want To See

At our launch in June 2020, the community shared their hopes, their needs and the change they wanted to see.

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