We offer the best innovative thinking by bringing data, storytelling and DEI together to have a more powerful impact.

A Sustainable Approach to More Equitable Workplaces

The Mission

We connect data, storytelling, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) capabilities to build more inclusive workplaces and drive sustainable change. 

We work with leaders to connect them with the right data skills, knowledge and stakeholders to deliver their DEI ambitions.  

We inspire people through stories to take action. We bring DEI data to life by tapping into lived experiences. 

We work with decision makers, digital and data teams on the cutting edge of innovation to infuse 'equity by design' into what they do.

    When Organisations Need Us

    When you feel stuck with questions like:

    • What is next for DEI? How do we shift from reactive to proactive, from plans to action?
    • How do we use stories and data to drive engagement and commitment to equity?
    • How do we demonstrate progress using insightful data we can rely on?
    • How do we future proof our data-driven activities to ensure equity?
    • How do we embed DEI across our processes with credibility, backed up by data and governance?

    We Are About Real Outcomes

    The Offer

    Bridging Data, Stories and DEI

    Our tailored advisory and training services bring together data, storytelling and DEI capabilities to help leaders and cross-functional teams deliver their business ambitions in an inclusive and equitable way.

    Why Focus On Data?

    Data is a vital and meaningful ingredient to fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces.

    Data encompasses many things when we talk about making businesses equitable and inclusive for all:

    • Employee survey and focus group insights
    • Workforce demographics
    • Measurable DEI actions and targets
    • Data used in HR and operational decisions
    • Data feeding into automation and artificial intelligence

    How Can We Help?

    1. Mobilise leaders, Data and DEI teams to deliver a cohesive, data-informed, action-oriented DEI approach.

    2. Partner with leaders and decision makers to develop metrics, turning data they have today into meaningful DEI action.

    3. Assess current state of DEI data, identify data gaps and propose an optimal target state for DEI data.

    4. Build ‘equity by design’ into people, processes and products e.g. fairness and equity for automation, analytics, AI, digital.

    5. Create safe spaces for storytelling, awareness building, education and engagement on DEI topics.

    6. Equip leaders and teams across DEI and Data with shared understanding, language and skills to drive change.

    Our Training

    We provide tailored training courses supporting organisations at any stage of their journey, targeted to their specific needs and stakeholders. 

    Some of our courses include:

    • Get Data Ready for DEI: data essentials for DEI change makers
    • Data Collection Strategies for DEI
    • Equity by Design in a Data-Driven World: for Data, Digital, AI, Innovation and Analytics teams
    • Speaking the Same Data and DEI Language
    • Storytelling Tools for Belonging
    We also run standardised training offers which anyone can attend, take a look at what is coming up.

    What Our Clients Say

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