Our Services

Strategic Partnering

Strategy setting and mobilisation of leaders, Data and DEI teams so organisations can deliver a cohesive, data-informed, action-oriented DEI approach. We help you turn the data you have today into meaningful DEI action.

Capability Building

We bridge the capability gap between teams and leaders across DEI and Data disciplines.  We equip people with a shared language, understanding and skillset so teams can cross-functionally drive change together.

Data For Progress

Whether it is the ethics and fairness of your data processes or the current state of data used for DEI, we assess where you are and advise where you should be. We help build equity by design into your data and digital change delivery.

Why Focus On Data?

Data is a vital and meaningful ingredient to lasting change when fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces. Whatever the business ambition, data is essential.

The more businesses are powered by data, the more we need to ensure the fairness of how data is used as well as how the data we have can sustain our DEI ambitions.

With this lens, data encompasses many things: 

  • Insights from employee surveys and focus groups
  • Demographics of your workforce
  • Measurable actions you want to take to embed DEI
  • Metrics you will use to hold your organisation to account
  • Data used in decision making across HR and operational processes
  • Inputs to automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence