Introducing Sathya Bala, our founder and CEO.

Her Unique Skills & Experience

Community Builder

I believe in the power of community, being the proud founder of My Skin My Story. My lived experience as a women of colour has been a driving force in creating my business to push forward diversity, equity and inclusion for all.  

At the same time, My Skin My Story is a real passion project which allows me to uplift a specific group I relate to that is often not given the spotlight.  In this growing global movement, women of colour connect, empower and elevate each other through the magic of stories.  More about My Skin My Story on our Community page, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Ultimately, I want to build a meaningful legacy that leads to a more equitable and thriving society for all, across the worlds of business, charity and the arts.

International Speaker

As a speaker I use my journey to empower others to share their story and translate their intentions into actions.  

I can speak to bridging the Data and DEI gap, belonging, the power of stories, community building, intersectionality, allyship, ethnic and cultural diversity, gender equality and my lived experience.

Below are my speaker highlights with global audiences.

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